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Chandrika Patel

Real moms-Real Results.Chandrika Patel-the super fit mum of a teenage son surely has heads turn and admire her.This mom has earned that body with sheer dedication and devotion to her health regime.Lifting weights 3 days a week keeps her toned,cardio keeps her stamina up and yoga for mind body wellness.This combination of workout has kept her in super fit condition.We at Xersize acknowledge your effort and stand committed towards your health and fitness goals.


Real moms-Real results..
Today's story is of REENA MEHTA...
His mum loves group fitness and aerobics is what she adores the most.Step Reebok,interval aerobics and structured choreographed sessions keep Reena fit and young.Her energy is contagious,ever smiling with cheerful disposition are few words to describe this mum of teenagers.We salute your commitment towards your health and fitness.You are a true role model for your kids!!!

Annie Bubna

Real Moms-Real Results..Annie Bubna,the ravishing mom of twins has got her pre pregnancy body back with all the sweat in the gym and discipline in her eating habits.Annie is a regular gymmer at Xersize lifts weights.spins,runs and works on her core muscles.Annie keep up the hardwork!

Sejal Shah

Real moms-Real Results-Sejal Shah our client for nearly a decade proves it that no quick fixes for good health and a fit body.All the hardwork in the gym shows on her lean and fit body.This mum of a 18 year old looks young and vibrant as ever.Daily dose of endorphins have kept Sejal healthy.Keep it up Sejal!