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Ritu Shah

Founder of Xersize,a commerce graduate and post graduate in Advertising and Marketing She has nearly 40 fitness certifications to name a few :ACSM certified,Ace,Reebok,Saracity,Schwinn,Rehab and many more. She has one of the best understanding of fitness needs for women and has exercise plan to fulfil each woman's need thereby leaving them delightful.(Click Here)

The 5 Components of Physical Fitness
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We all have an idea of what "fit" should look like. For some people, it means having a sleek Hollywood body, while others want to have massive muscles or a perfect hourglass figure.

But fitness isn't defined by appearance! There are five components of physical fitness you need to consider:

1. Muscular Strength

This is the "power" that helps you to lift and carry heavy objects. Without muscular strength, your body would be weak and unable to keep up with the demands placed upon it.

The way to increase strength is to train with heavy weights, working in the 4 - 6 or 12 - 15 rep ranges. The heavier the weight, the fewer reps you should perform! (Click Here)